30 days to experience Marseille and the French Riviera while working remotely.

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Sep 04 - Oct 03

Travel while working remotely.

French Nomad brings together communities of digital nomads and entrepreneurs from across the globe to spend 30 days living, working in Marseille and discovering the French Riviera.

Seamless experience

We take care of everything: cosy private rooms, coworking spaces, handy items, concierge service. Don’t waste time planning, just meet, explore and enjoy.

Share inspiration

Learn from a passionate community of inspiring people. Interact with local business owners. Grow your network and expand your knowledge.

Become a local

As local ourselves, we know Marseille and The French Riviera. We will help you immerse yourself in local culture and experience the coolest activities and must-see places.

Why Marseille and The French Riviera?

Marseille and The French Riviera are known for their stunning Mediterranean coastlines, home to a number of gorgeous sun-drenched sandy beaches, lined with corniches and plenty of coastal attractions. Besides the “Dolce Vita”, The French Riviera is also on the path to becoming the Silicon valley of Europe thanks to more and more entrepreneurs who come to start a business.

Become a French Nomad in September 2017!

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